If you downgrade from Pamela 2.x to 1.x you must uninstall Pamela and reboot your PC and install Pamela 1.x afterwards.
The reason is that Pamela 2.x uses a different settings system.
Note that all your settings and files will be lost! Downgrading from 3.5 to 2.0 is possible without deinstallation and reboot.

Should you experience issues please review the FAQ pages.
Your vested license key will work for all versions of the same Pamela edition.

Version / Edition
Version 1.38 (Build Download
Version 2.0 (Build Download
Version 2.5 (Build Download
Version 3.0 (Build Download
Version 3.5 (Build Download
Version 4.0 (Build Download
Version 4.5 (Build Download

IMPORTANT: We do not offer support for previous versions any longer. We urge you to always install and use the latest version.
Usage is solely at your own risk.