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View product details and highlights. Pamela is the most downloaded Skype audio and video recording tool since 2005. Pamela was the first Skype certified product.

The price is one time and includes free lifetime technical support and product upgrades.

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Pamela Call Recorder

Pamela Call Recorder
  • Free Skype Extra application
  • Record any type of Skype call (Audio and Video!)
  • Take notes during a call or add them later
  • Use the Emotion Sounds Player to play cool sounds during a call
  • Automatic call recording (In- Outbound or both)
  • Disable call recording warnings
  • Automatic Skype chat reply while you are away
  • Record in WMA, OGG, MP3 or WAV format
  • Supports Windows 8
  • Very easy to use
  • More…
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Price: $16.67  

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Pamela Call Recorder is ideally suited for people who want to quickly record a Skype Skype audio or video call. In addition Pamela Call Recorder offers “professional” functions like notes taking, add notes after you finished the call, disable call recording warnings or playing sounds during a call with the Emotion Sound Player.

Free recording of any type of Skype call for up to 15 minutes for audio and 5 minutes video! If you want to remove this limitation all you need is a key which you can purchase from this page.

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Note: Pamela Call Recorder is a Skype Extra which requires Skype and Skype Extras Manager. Normally the Extras Manager is installed with Skype, if not you will need to re-install Skype with Extras Manager.